Aqua Access LLC provides innovative technology development, product commercialization, and consulting to serve the water needs of mankind.

    Today more than ever access to clean water is a crucial issue. Populations are expanding, while water sources are being depleted and water quality is growing worse, even in developed nations. Water use is growing at more than twice the rate of worldwide population increase. As countries like China and India make economic progress, their demands for water rise exponentially. Water is necessary for both agriculture and industry, and water is also inextricably tied to energy. Without water, not only do populations go thirsty; economic progress and growth is also stalled.

    Since the supply of water is constant, it is only through innovation that water availability will increase. Over 97% of the earth’s water supply is saltwater, proving that there is ample water on the planet to meet the needs of mankind. Technologies like reverse osmosis for desalination offer a solution to the growing water crisis. However, these technologies must be made ever more affordable and reliable in order to provide sustainable solutions.

    Aqua Access LLC was formed to meet these types of technology needs. We specialize in product innovations that improve usability, decrease cost, and reduce energy consumption. We take ideas and turn them into something that actually works.

    In addition, we help take these innovations to market. While many inventions sit dormant on a warehouse shelf, we offer the expertise to connect the manufacturer with the necessary field studies, regulatory approvals, and sales channels to make the technology accessible to the public on a global basis. Our product commercialization skills help you bring your ideas to life, maximize your return on investment, and improve your chances of a successful product development and deployment.

    To contact us for more information, please visit our Contact page to send an email to us or give us a call at (505) 362-0575.